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You may have heard the expression: “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” But sometimes, the eyes can deceive others about your true self. If you have droopy upper eyelids or swollen lower eyelids, you may look older and more tired than you really are. These problems are caused by excess skin or fat around the eyes, which can only be fixed by upper and lower eyelid surgery in Turkey. This operation is also known as blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery. If you want to restore your youthful and refreshed appearance, contact us today and find out more about Pina Aesthetic’s offer for an affordable eye bag surgery Turkey cost.

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Eye Bag Removal Prices


What Is Upper Eyelid Surgery | Lower Eyelid?

Upper eyelid surgery Turkey is a popular cosmetic procedure that can rejuvenate your appearance and make you look more alert and refreshed. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness, causing the upper eyelids to droop and sag. This can also affect our vision and make us look tired or unhappy. Upper eyelid surgery Turkey can correct this problem by removing the excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids through a small incision along the natural crease of the eye.

Eyelid surgery Turkey is performed by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons who have a high success rate and a low complication rate. Eyelid surgery Turkey is one of the safest cosmetic surgery operations abroad, as it is minimally invasive and has a short recovery time. You can also combine upper eyelid surgery with lower eye bag surgery, which removes the bags and wrinkles under the eyes that give you a worn-out and aged look. Lower eye bag surgery is more complex than upper eyelid surgery, so it requires general anesthesia and takes about an hour to complete.


If you are interested in eyelid surgery Turkey, you can check out our eyelid surgery patients’ gallery to see the amazing results of our previous clients. You will be amazed by how much younger and brighter they look after the procedure. You will also be impressed by the affordable blepharoplasty cost in Turkey, which is much lower than in other countries.

To learn more about eyelid surgery in Turkey, please contact us. Pina Aesthetic is your trusted partner for eyelid surgery in Turkey.

Eye Bag Removal Turkey | Eye Bag Surgery Clinic

If you are looking for a way to enhance your appearance and rejuvenate your eyes, you may consider eyelid surgery abroad. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world, and Turkey is one of the best countries for blepharoplasty. Turkey has a reputation for having skilled and experienced surgeons, high-quality facilities and reasonable prices for plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or both, depending on your needs and preferences. The procedure involves removing excess skin, fat and muscle from the eyelids to create a more youthful and alert look. Eyelid surgery is a relatively simple and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure, but it still requires a high level of expertise and precision to avoid complications such as asymmetrical eyelids, infection or scarring. That’s why you should choose a reputable clinic and surgeon for your eye lid surgery in Turkey.

One of the advantages of having excess eyelid skin removal in Turkey is that you can save a lot of money compared to other countries. The affordable eye bag surgery cost in Turkey is mainly due to the lower cost of living and the favorable exchange rate. At Pina Aesthetic Istanbul, we work with some of the best blepharoplasty surgeons in Turkey who have years of experience and use the latest techniques and equipment. We also offer comprehensive packages that include airport transfers, hotel accommodation, aftercare and follow-up services.

Your journey to a more youthful look with Pina Aesthetic begins with a free consultation where you and your doctor discuss your concerns, expectations and goals for your eyelids. Your doctor evaluates your eyelids, listens to your issues and assesses your situation. Then he or she provides you with detailed and personalized information about your condition, the possible solutions and the methods. The type and technique of eyelid surgery that suits you best is determined in your consultation and the areas where the skin or fat will be removed are marked.

Depending on your case, you will receive either general or local anaesthesia during your eyelid surgery in Turkey. An eye plastic surgery lasts about 1-2 hours depending on the number of procedures to be done. You can have an upper, a lower or both eyelid surgeries at the same time.

Blepharoplasty surgery is a relatively simple and safe procedure compared to other cosmetic surgeries. Your experienced surgeon makes the incisions based on the type and location of surgery. Excess fat, skin is removed, muscles are tightened and other necessary steps are taken according to your case. Then your surgeon closes the incisions with stitches trying his/her best to minimize scar visibility.

Before you return to your country, you will have a check-up with your doctor where your stitches will be taken out and you will receive post-operative instructions regarding your eyelid surgery in Turkey. During this appointment, you can also find out more about the eyelid surgery cost Turkey.

Types of Eyelid Surgeries

Blepharoplasty surgeries are procedures that aim to improve the appearance and function of the eyelids. There are different types of eyelid surgery carried out in Turkey, depending on the patient’s goals and the surgeon’s expertise. Some of the most common ones are:

Upper Blepharoplasty in Turkey:

This surgery removes excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids, creating a more alert and youthful look.

Lower Blepharoplasty in Turkey:

If you are bothered by the appearance of your upper or lower eyelids, you may consider eyelid surgery abroad as an option. This is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids, giving you a more youthful and refreshed look. At Pina Aesthetic, we offer both upper and lower eyelid surgery abroad, as well as other types of eyelid surgery, such as:

  • Almond Eye Surgery
  • Asian Eye Surgery

Almond Eye Surgery:

If you want to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a more youthful and attractive look, you might be interested in the almond eye procedure. This is a popular cosmetic surgery that many Hollywood stars and celebrities around the world have undergone. The almond eye procedure reshapes your eyes to make them more almond-shaped, which is considered to be more appealing and charming. The procedure involves lifting the outer corner of the eye and adjusting the lower eyelid to align with the lower edge of the iris. This way, your eyes will appear bigger and deeper, giving you a stunning appearance.

Asian Eyelid Surgery:

Many Asians and people with Asian heritage have single eyelids, which means they lack visible folds and creases in their upper eyelids. This feature can make the eyes appear smaller, swollen or weary. Asian eyelid surgery involves making a small cut in the upper eyelid and removing the excess fat and skin. This creates an artificial eyelid fold. Asian eyelid surgery aims to preserve the ethnic identity and enhance the facial and eye appearance at the same time.

At Pina Aesthetic, we offer all these types of blepharoplasty surgeries with high-quality standards and affordable prices. Our experienced surgeons will customize the technique according to your needs and preferences, ensuring a natural and satisfying result.

Best Blepharoplasty Surgeons In Turkey

Pina Aesthetic offers its clients high quality cosmetic surgeries with the help of its internationally recognised and certified partner doctors. Pina Aesthetic partner surgeons are carefully chosen based on their careers and international experiences. Therefore, Pina Aesthetic partner doctors are the best plastic surgeons in Turkey in terms of their backgrounds, experiences and specialisations in their fields. They have international certifications and accreditations from global core institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. You can see their backgrounds below.

Pina Aesthetic works with the best doctors in Turkey who perform upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery with high-quality service and affordable eye lift surgery cost.

Our partner surgeons are experts in their fields and will provide you with a detailed consultation before the operation to determine your individual treatment plan based on your desired outcome for your eye cosmetic surgery in Turkey. They have extensive experience in performing blepharoplasty and will ensure that you get the best results possible. We guarantee that all of our partner surgeons are certified and qualified in the field of eye plastic surgery.

As stated by Pina Aesthetic’s partner Dr. Malik Abacı, eye plastic surgery requires skill and precision from the doctor and the team. Abacı says that the more advanced techniques and procedures are used, the more satisfactory the results will be.

Abacı, who has corrected uneven eyelids for thousands of patients so far, emphasizes that it is also important to follow the proper aftercare instructions. Pina Aesthetic and our esteemed partner doctors will be with you during your check-ups and even after you return home with our aftercare department to assist you with any questions you might have.

Eyelid Surgery Results

Eye bag surgery results can be seen right away after the procedure. You may experience some swelling for a few weeks, but this is normal and will subside. The scars may look red at first, but they will fade over time and become barely noticeable. The doctor will give you some creams to help with the healing and scar reduction. If you follow the aftercare instructions, you should not have any complications from the surgery. The benefits of upper and lower eyelid surgery in Turkey are a more youthful and refreshed look that lasts for a long time; in some cases, the results are permanent.

With eyelid surgery in Turkey by Pina Aesthetic, you will enjoy:

• A younger appearance
• Natural and beautiful eyelids
• Improved self-confidence

Blepharoplasty Turkey Cost

If you are looking for a way to improve your appearance and get rid of excess eyelid skin, you may want to consider Blepharoplasty in Turkey. This is a cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve a more youthful and refreshed look by removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty in Turkey is a popular option for many people who want to benefit from affordable blepharoplasty cost and high-quality service.

The cost of blepharoplasty varies depending on the type and extent of the surgery, but in general, Turkey offers affordable prices compared to other countries. The lower eyelid surgery cost is usually higher than the upper eyelid surgery cost, but both are much lower than in the UK, US, or Europe. You can save up to 70% by choosing Blepharoplasty in Turkey.

At Pina Aesthetic, we are committed to providing you with the best possible care and results for your blepharoplasty. We have a team of experienced and qualified surgeons who can perform the surgery safely and effectively. We also offer free online consultation and aftercare services to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. To find out more about our services and how much blepharoplasty cost is in Turkey, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you a personalized quote for Blepharoplasty Turkey Cost.



Face Lift Surgery All-Inclusive Package

Pina Aesthetic provides you with a comprehensive package for eyelid surgery in Turkey. Our package includes everything you need for a successful and comfortable procedure. Here are the details of our all-inclusive package:


Best Price Guarantee

At Pina Aesthetic, we are committed to providing you with the best quality of service and the most reasonable eyelid surgery cost in Turkey


1-night Hospital Stay

After your eyelid surgery in Turkey, you will stay in a hospital for one night. This is arranged by Pina Aesthetic before you come to Turkey.


Discount for group bookings

Pina Aesthetic has a great deal for you and your friends. If you are interested in plastic surgery, you can save money by booking as a group.


Transfers with VIP car

Pina Aesthetic will take care of all your transportation needs between the airport, hotel and hospital.


Personal Host

Before your surgery begins, a Pina Aesthetic host will assist you with the paperwork and help you communicate with the hospital staff if needed.


4 nights of accommodation at a 5 star hotel

Pina Aesthetic offers you a 4-day stay in a 5 star hotel for your comfort and convenience during your eyelid surgery in Turkey. You can enjoy the hospitality and quality of our services while enhancing your beauty and confidence.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

This is a general guide for eyelid surgery patients to prepare and recover from the procedure. Pina Aesthetic is not liable for the validity of this information. You should always follow your surgeon’s advice after your eyelid surgery in Turkey.

Pre-operation instructions

  •  Avoid taking any medications or supplements that contain aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g. Advil, Motrin, Aleve etc.), herbal remedies or diet pills for at least two weeks before your surgery. These substances can interfere with blood clotting and cause complications with your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.
  •  Quit smoking at least four weeks before your surgery. Smoking can delay your healing process and increase the risk of infection and scarring.
  •  Refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before your surgery. Alcohol can dehydrate you and affect your anesthesia and recovery.
  •  Do not use any other medications without consulting your doctor first. Some drugs may interact with the anesthesia or the surgery.

Night/Day of the Surgery

  •  Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 6-8 hours prior to your surgery. This will reduce the risk of complications during anesthesia.
  •  Choose comfortable clothing that can be easily put on and taken off without pulling over your head. For example, you can wear a button-top and pull-on pants, a zipped shirt, sweatpants, etc.
  •  Leave your valuables at your hotel. You will not need them during the surgery and they may get lost or damaged.
  •  Do not wear contact lenses. They may interfere with the surgery or cause irritation to your eyes.
  •  Do not make-up, jewellery or apply any kind of lotion, cream, etc. to your face. They may cause infection or affect the outcome of the surgery.

Post-Operation Instructions

  •  Avoid any excessive facial expressions or movements that may strain your eyes, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing, or crying, for the first week after your surgery.
  •  Limit your physical activity and rest as much as possible. Do not engage in any strenuous exercise, sports, or household chores for at least 4 weeks after your surgery.
  •  Avoid direct sunlight and wear sunglasses or a hat when going outside. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation and scarring on your incisions and delay your healing.
  •  Rest with your head elevated on 2-3 pillows. This will help reduce the swelling and prevent fluid accumulation around your eyes.
  •  Do not bend down or lift anything heavy for at least 1 month after your surgery. This can increase the blood pressure in your head and cause bleeding or hematoma.
  •  Refrain from sexual activity for at least 2 weeks after your surgery. This can also raise your blood pressure and affect your healing.
  •  Apply ice packs or cold compresses on your eyes as instructed by your surgeon. This will help soothe the pain and inflammation and speed up your recovery.

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey Fast Facts

Length of procedure:Approximately 1- 3 hours
Recovery period:5 – 7 days to go back to work
Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation,
Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots,
heart attack or stroke and death), Eyelid position
Exercise:After 3 weeks
Stay:1 night in hospital, 4 nights in hotel
Scars:Non-existent after healing
Potential candidate:Patients with sagging eyelids and big eye bags
Stitches:Removed in last check up by Pina Aesthetic doctor
Results:Patients with sagging eyelids and big eye bags
Combination of surgeries:Mostly face lift, eyebrow lift, forehead lift, Botulinum Toxin and fillers

Eyelid Surgery Patient Reviews

At Pina Aesthetic, we value our patients’ feedback and satisfaction. That’s why we invite you to browse through the testimonials of some of our happy customers who have enjoyed our services and treatments.


Aisling, Ireland

I am very happy with my lower eyelid surgery at Pina Aesthetic. The staff was very professional and attentive, and the clinic was very clean and modern. I was nervous before the surgery, but the doctor was very reassuring and explained everything to me. The surgery went smoothly and I love how my eyes look now. It was a wonderful experience. The hotel was also very nice and convenient, and Turkey was a beautiful country to visit. I highly recommend Pina Aesthetic if you want a high-quality treatment at an affordable price. Thank you to everyone at Pina Aesthetic, you are amazing!!


Alexandra, Turkey

I am very satisfied with my eyelid surgery, breast augmentation with lift, and nose reshaping that I had done at Pina Aesthetic. It was a great choice to travel to Istanbul and I have already told many of my friends to book with them. My surgery was smooth and I love the results. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the hotel cleaning service, but the hospital, nurses, and doctor were wonderful.

Eyelid Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What is eyelid lift surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure commonly performed for cosmetic purposes to enhance one’s appearance by eliminating bagginess and droopiness in the eyelids.

How long is the surgery?

Depending on the specific case and the number of surgeries to be combined, an eyelid surgery at Pina Aesthetic may typically require a duration of approximately 1-2 hours.

Can men have surgery for asymmetrical eyes in Turkey?

Of course, at Pina Aesthetic, we are proud to offer eyelid surgery to all patients, regardless of their gender. This cosmetic procedure can be performed for both men and women, ensuring that everyone can achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Will scars be visible after eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery can enhance the appearance of the upper or lower eyelids, or both. The incisions are carefully placed within the natural creases of the eyelids or very close to the lash line, so they will be barely noticeable. Moreover, Pina Aesthetic partner doctors strive to achieve minimal scarring after surgery.

Are the eyelid surgery results permanent?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that can improve the appearance of your eyes by reducing sagging or drooping skin. It is often associated with aging, but the benefits of eyelid surgery can last for many years, or even for the rest of your life!

What is the excess eyelid skin surgery cost in Turkey?

If you are looking for a way to get rid of excess eyelid skin, you might want to consider Turkey as your destination. Turkey offers low living costs and a high-quality health system that make eyelid skin procedure cost in Turkey more affordable than in many European countries. At Pina Aesthetic, we provide you with personalized care and the best eyelid surgery cost in Turkey.